Eyebrow Shaping Secrets

Tool Time

A great tweezer is essential. If you're a novice, opt for slanted tweezers, which provide the most control. Once you're experienced, switch to pointed tweezers, which offer more precision but demand more skill. To pluck properly, you'll need:

  • Pointed Tweezers -- A great pair of tweezers is a must. Eliza's are designed for precision.
  • Grooming Brush/Smudger -- The brush combs hairs into place, and the smudger end softens the look of the brow pencil.
  • Brow Definer -- This pencil is used to plump up sparse brows and color stray white hairs. (Petrescu says that plucking white hairs, which can leave unattractive holes, is a no-no)
  • Brow Shaper -- Brush on this gel to tame brows and set your
    new style.

Finishing Touches

First, brush hairs straight down. Then, starting from the inner brow, pencil in light strokes up to the peak of the arch, then pencil in the restof the eyebrow moving downward toward the temple. Brush brows upward to smooth out hair and soften color. Set your look with brow gel.

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Copyright © 2001 By Kristen Finello. Reprinted with permission from the Febuary issue of Child magazine.

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