Celeb-Style Makeovers for Moms

5 lucky moms try out star-worthy beauty treatments -- including botox.

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Alex Cao

Ophira Cukierman

Ever dream of snagging some of the professional pampering that goes with the momstyles of the rich and famous? We enlisted five women to try a few celebrity-worthy beauty moves to see whether the results live up to the hype.

"I used to have long hair, but after I had my daughter, Maya, I cut it all off -- it looked dull and took too much time to style. Now that Maya's 20 months old, I want to get some glam back!"

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Ericka McConnell

"My hair is 10 inches longer!"

The Pro: Extensions by Paul Labrecque Salon, in New York City

The Process: "I spent five hours at the salon while a stylist painstakingly glued extensions into my real hair. A lengthy process, yes, but I can't remember the last time I had that much time to read uninterrupted, and the extensions will last for three months."

The Price: It depends on the technique. Ophira had a cold fusion procession, which runs between $1,500 and $3,000. Woven extensions cost about $1,200; hot fusion starts at $300.

The Payoff: "I've been told I look 10 years younger -- one woman mistook me for a babysitter; she couldn't believe I was Maya's mom. And my husband loves them."

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Alex Cao

Maura Murphy Seit

"I'm Irish, so I've never been tan in my life. I've always heard that a little color can make cellulite look less obvious. I've also got spider veins on my legs that I'd like to cover."

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Ericka McConnell

"I wanted a sexy tan."

The Pro: Tan by Completely Bare, in New York City.

The Process: "A woman used a handheld brush to spray a cool mist over my entire body and face, leaving me slightly sticky. It took about an hour."

The Price: You can step into a booth and get sprayed with jets for $25; a technician will do the job for between $50 and $75.

The Payoff: "For some reason, my hands got a little too dark, but otherwise, the color looks incredibly natural and really does cover my flaws. My husband loves my new bronzed body. Results last about a week."

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Alex Cao

Dayna Carroll

"Lately I've noticed lines on my forehead and a few crow's-feet around my eyes. I've heard so much about Botox, and I wanted to give it a try."

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Ericka McConnell

"I got Botox."

The Pro: David E. Bank, MD, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, in Mt. Kisco, New York.

The Process: "The procedure was simple and almost painless -- I just felt tiny pinpricks when he injected my skin. I went back a week later, so Dr. Bank could add Botox where I needed it. It can take two weeks to see the full effect."

The Price: Expect to pay between $200 and $300 for each area injected.

The Payoff: "My forehead is completely smooth, and those crinkles around my eyes are gone. My friends joked that I'd lose my facial expressions, but that's not the case at all. They say I seem refreshed and well rested -- a hard look to master after chasing my two kids around every day!"

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Alex Cao

Laura Rossillo

"I'm pregnant with my second child, so I feel like I need an easy beauty pick-me-up. I'd never had my eyebrows professionally shaped, so I figured that might be a nice treat."

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Ericka McConnell

"My brows got a makeover."

The Pro: Brows by Ramy, in New York City.

The Process: "Ramy explained that he would shape my brows just enough to accentuate my features. The plucking did hurt at times, but it was quick and easy."

The Price: You can have your eyebrows waxed for between $10 and $15, but salons with in-house brow gurus will charge more.

The Payoff: "My brow is more arched now, and I definitely look and feel rejuvenated. My friends noticed right away and showered me with compliments -- every pregnant woman's dream!"

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Alex Cao

Allison Foltz

"Growing up, I always got compliments on my gleaming smile, but lots of tea, coffee, and red wine over the years has dulled the glow."

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Ericka McConnell

"My dingy teeth were zapped bright white."

The Pro: Teeth whitening by BriteSmile.

The Process: "I spent about 90 minutes wearing an awkward plastic contraption while a bright light zapped my gel-covered teeth. The technician gave me an ibuprofen for sensitivity before we started; I think it helped prevent any major pain, though I felt a small zing later that night."

The Price: In-office teeth whitening costs between $400 and $2,000.

The Payoff: "My teeth are now seven shades whiter. They aren't the blinding white you see in the ads, but they look way better and I'm more confident about my smile. My friends say I look extra happy."

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