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Nobody needs \\\"me time\\\" more than a busy parent. Here's the scoop on beauty and fashion, including tips, products, and ideas to keep you looking good.

7 No-Fail Hair Tricks Your Mom Never Taught You

We polled top hairstylists and did some experimenting of our own to bring you these head-turning hair tips.

17 Habits of Very Happy Moms

How do those upbeat moms we all envy keep the joy and love flowing? In honor of Mother's Day, we sent our intrepid reporter to uncover their secrets.

The Other Postpartum Problem: Anxiety

Not sick, not depressed -- just on edge and overwhelmed. If those first days of motherhood aren't all that you expected, know this: You're not alone.

5 Reasons Why the Second Year As a Mom Is So Much Better Than the First

The newborn days are precious--but not much fun--compared to the toddler years.

A Family Room for Everyone

Transform your family room into a place where playdates and grown-up fun can coexist.

Our Favorite Single Mom Quotes

Raising a child by yourself isn't always easy. These quotes from single moms serve as a reminder that we are all strong and capable. You may even laugh a few times!

Mom Blasts Body Shamer: My Post-Baby Bump Is a 'Miracle Worker'

This mom's Instagram post tells her postpartum body shamer she's thankful for the bump that gave her a baby boy.

How to Remove Stains From Baby Clothes

Did you know that a spit-up stain needs different treatment than a baby-food stain? Find out how to get rid of various baby uh-ohs in this video.

Mom Confessions: My Latest Parenting Fail

Every now and then, it's OK to have a parenting fail. Moms tells us about some of the bad-parenting moments they've had recently.

Your Period After Pregnancy: What to Expect

Your menstrual cycle has been on hiatus. Be prepared for some changes when it resumes.

Sex After Baby: 7 Ways to Make It Better

Worried about getting busy right after becoming a mom? Here's how to bring the spark back into your post-baby sex life.

15 Time-Management Tips

Save time and energy with these easy and practical ideas.

8 People Who Will Definitely Guess You're Pregnant Before You Tell Them

Your early signs of pregnancy will tip off these people to your good news--maybe before you're even ready to share it!

7 Best Green Cleaners for Your Home

We tested tons of new eco alternatives to bring you the best family-friendly options for messes moms encounter most.

Pain-Relieving Stretches for Moms

Even minor parenting tasks like carrying your diaper bag and running after your toddler can make your body stiff and achy. Our stretching plan targets the spots that bug moms most.

Would You Support a 'Menstrual Leave' Policy at Work?

Is having a "menstrual leave" policy smart or sexist?

Moms Are Most Depressed When Kids Are in Middle School, Study Says

Turns out, the middle school years are tough on mom, too.

Mom Confessions: Lies I've Told My Kids

Admit it. We've all told little white lies to our children. Here are some laugh-out-loud-worthy fibs moms have told their children.

Beauty After Baby: Makeovers for New Moms

We gave three first-time moms -- who had each fallen into a beauty and style rut -- a fresh new start for fall.

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