Why Kids Love Wearing Fake Mustaches

Move over milk mustache, the fake mustache is officially a kid trend. Check out some of the cutest kids entered in our 2013 cover contest with fake facial hair. Enjoy.

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When a fake mustache is attached to a pacifier, people may start to believe it's real.

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Both guys and gals look dashing with a salt and pepper stache.

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Nothing makes you appear more wise (or good-looking).

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It shows your parents who really wears the pants in this family.

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Even the shyest of babes is transformed into a heartbreaker by the handsome facial feature.

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A pair of handle bars makes you look more distinguised even when you're shirtless.

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A confused stare looks like a deep train of thought when you pop one of them on.

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Hipster glasses paired with a fake cookie-duster boosts your cool factor by 10 points. It's a fact.

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A mustache disguise helps when your mom is being super-embarrassing in public.

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With the help of a marker, a tiny villain can look menacing.

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A chocolate mustache is a delicious accessory.

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Donning a faux mustache makes people take your demands seriously. Even at the wee age of 3 months.

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A portable, purple crumb-catcher looks fabulous when paired with a matching outfit. Tres chic.

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A styled lip-toupee is ideal for those days you're feeling a little French.

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When you smell something gross, the stache helps get your point across.

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Mustaches are the perfect compliment to a baby mohawk.

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