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Molly, wife of a college basketball coach, mother to a 2-year-old with another child on the way.

Sometimes single because ... Husband Micah travels both for games and for recruiting players.

Best advice ... Maintain your independence. "Have your own interests and friends. Learn to do 'man jobs' like mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters, or find someone who you can pay to do them for you."

Stays connected to husband by ... Using the cell phone. Molly and her husband talk and text several times a day. Micah always calls immediately after a game to deliver the score to Molly, who is also a huge basketball fan.

Stays connected to others by ... Molly has a big support network of family and friends, but most are in her hometown of Indianapolis, 2 1/2 hours away. "I knew I needed friends in my new town, so I joined the Junior League -- a great way to meet women." From that, a book club and playdates emerged.

When she's feeling challenged ... Molly swears by putting Braeden in his stroller and taking a walk for an instant mood boost.

And the perks are ... Basketball! Molly loves going to games, hosting players and recruits, and getting to know the staff and players. Plus, Micah will always be associated with a college, and for a family that values education, diversity, and culture, a college environment is ideal for raising kids.

Does she wish things were different? There was a time early on when she questioned whether she had what it takes to be a coach's wife who faces frequent travel and frequent moves. "But when Micah said he would give up coaching and get a job in Indianapolis to keep me happy, I snapped out of it. His commitment to me was there, so I was able to do the same for him. I knew I could support his passion."

Tricks of the trade ... Communication is key -- talking often and about everything. If she starts to feel lonely, angry, or overworked, she tries to explain her emotions to Micah rather than keep them bottled up inside. She also likes to send him a quick smile by e-mailing pictures of Braeden.

His side of the story ... There is some down time for Micah when he doesn't have any commitments. And since any time father and son can spend together is good, Micah makes the most of all opportunities. "After a road trip, I like doing the everyday things I miss out on with Braeden, like reading him books, watching cartoons together, going for bike rides, or playing ball," he says. Molly uses those periods to get work done or spend time with friends on her own.

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