Relating to Grandparents

Your parenting confuses them. Their advice drives you crazy.

The Benefits of Grandparents

Who is willing to watch the same Rugrats tape over and over without complaint? Who reads six stories at bedtime without even breaking a sweat? Who changes a diaper without feeling the least bit fazed? Grandparents, of course! Your parenting leaves them perplexed, and their advice may drive you crazy. But kids get so much out of their relationship with their grandparents.

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren brings great benefits for both parties. A grandparent's unconditional brand of love has a potent role in helping a child develop trust. And that's just one great thing about grandparents. Grandparents can also provide:

  • A safe place for toddlers to practice being away from their parents
  • A sense of identity and family history
  • A feeling of stability that comes from the child being accepted as he is
  • Time to play and share activities with children in a way that busy parents sometimes can't
  • Assistance with child care
  • Advice and support for parents

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