The Dad Who Created Jimmy Neutron

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Oedekerk would be the first to admit that thinking like a kid is part of his job -- he even used Zoe's suggestion for Jimmy Neutron's favorite drink (burping soda). But he knows when to switch into Dad mode. "Clearly it's Fun Guy's house around here," he says. "But I'm also pretty strict, because I was a nightmare growing up. I don't really yell or act tough -- Zoe knows that if she messes up, she's got to go to her room for a while."

But Fun Guy still plays the classic kids' game of posing two imaginary, and appalling, choices. "Mine are really good -- they're hard to figure out," Oedekerk says. "I don't know if I'd rather have three Sumo wrestlers sit on me for an hour or be stung by 12 bees on the back of my neck."

But the game is more fun when Zoe plays too. "She just started doing it, and it's so wonderfully not honed yet," he says. "This is one of hers from two nights ago: 'Okay, would you rather feel really, really full or have a gorilla pound on your head for 100 years?' I go, 'I think I'd rather be really, really full.' And she goes, 'Yeah, me too!'"

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