The New Face of Fatherhood

Spending More Time at Home

Make no mistake -- it's hardly a revolution. The typical dad spends 6.5 hours a week with his children, less than an hour a day, and far less time than the typical mom spends. Still, that's more than double the 2.6 hours weekly that men devoted to their families 30 years ago. And, by most accounts, dads' time with kids is not watching-sports-while-tapping-on-the-BlackBerry time -- it's real quality time. A 2007 report from the Minnesota Fathers & Families Network found that, of the nearly 600 dads surveyed, 92 percent said showing love and affection to their kids was their most important role. "I'm a very different kind of father than my dad was," says Neal Pollack, 38, a Los Angeles writer, blogger, and father of Elijah, 5. "Affection, smooching, cuddling -- my son and I have no problem with that. It's not like my dad was cold and distant, but he was a guy, I was a guy. We never talked about our feelings. We watched karate movies. I do that with my son, too, but I also sing lullabies to him."

Pollack is the author of Alternadad, a humorous book about his experiences as an involved father. He also blogs about his kid (on as well as here on, making him one of the dozens of daddy bloggers who proudly tell the world how much they love their new role.


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