Daddy Boot Camp

It's a Wrap

The coaches ran out of time before they ran out of topics, and that was okay. "Diaper changing, baby holding, putting a burp cloth on your shoulder for the baby -- I've learned a lot," said T.J. "There are so many unknowns that it's just nice to now have a better idea of what to expect." Dowd particularly appreciated the opportunity to improve his baby-holding skills: "Dog, cat, kid -- I didn't have much experience holding anything that young."

Vilchis said he was glad he'd been through Boot Camp. "My wife likes that I'm trying my hardest to be involved," he said, "and I've picked up a lot of important details here."

Well into Hour Three, Lawrence was kneeling in a circle of onlookers, changing Tajah, who waited until her diaper was off to project a robust stream of urine beyond the changing pad and onto the floor of Annex B. Lawrence took it in stride, but some of the rookies reacted as if the child had expectorated green vomit while rotating her head 360 degrees.

The men had paid close attention and learned much all morning. But they were reminded, as Lawrence calmly wiped up his daughter's accident, that while Boot Camp is all well and good, there is never a substitute for live action.

Copyright © 2003. Reprinted with permission from the October 2003 issue of Child magazine.

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