Issues & Trends

This isn't your father's parenting handbook. Here are the latest trends and current issues that affect you as a dad and how you parent your child.

Hey Dads, Your Moods Impact Your Kids Big Time

New research links dads' stress levels and moods to kids' development in major ways.

The Importance of a Father's Involvement

Kids need dad's love just as much as mom's.

This Mer-dad Is Every Father Who Just Wants to Make His Little Girl Happy

The Internet is loving this dad who dressed up as a mermaid with his daughter at Disneyland.

The Internet Is Loving the Way This Dad Recreated His Daughter's Photo Shoot

The hilarious pictures were intended to be a family joke, but they've been retweeted more than 4,000 times!

The Responsibilities and Expectations of the New American Dad

Fathers are expected to do more than ever. Do they feel like they're measuring up? We got their honest take.

This Dad Built a Backyard American Ninja Warrior Course for His 5-Year-Old Daughter

Hold on while we go shine up his Dad of the Year award.

A Dad's Job Description

A dad may wear many hats, but he'll first and foremost be a father.

Stay-At-Home Dads

Modern Mr. Moms share the ups and downs of stay-at-home fatherhood.

5 Things NOT to Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad

These five common things that people say to stay-at-home dads leave everyone feeling awkward.

Real-Life Cute Dads

Think your man is the cutest dad? Enter him in our cutest daddy contest for a chance to win a digital camera and the prestigious title!

New Dads, New Looks

Three new papas get a style overhaul.

A Guide to Great Sites on Fatherhood

Want to learn more fostering great relationships between dads and kids? Here are online resources just for fathers.

Why Do We Praise Dads for Just Being Dads?

We dads routinely get praised for things moms are expected to do every day. Shouldn't we be held to the same standard?

Dad Making It His Mission to Get Changing Tables Installed in Men's Restrooms

One dad says men's public restrooms are not outfitted to accommodate the modern, involved dad.

This Song Parody Nails Everything That's Sweet and Gross About Fathers

This dad anthem will have you laughing, crying, and possibly gagging.

9 Things You Should Know About Stay-at-Home Dads

An insider's view of the unique challenges and joys of caring for the kids while Mom goes to work.

Are All the Cool Moms Now on Snapchat?

More moms are now turning to Snapchat as their app of choice for sharing baby photos.

New Dads Gain Weight, Too

New study shows that fathers gain weight even after baby is born.

The New Face of Fatherhood

For today's young dads, raising kids is more of a hands-on experience than ever before -- and guys everywhere are embracing it with pride.

What? 'Man Flu' Might Be a Real Thing

Could the flu actually make men feel worse?