Why Fathers Should Spend Time with Their Kids

Because of Your Epitaph

Your children will be gone soon.

As your children reach later and later developmental stages, you will look back with amazement and wistfulness at how quickly it went, how quickly your their innocence and childlike dependence on you evaporated. "Where was I when they were growing up?" fathers ask themselves. "Why didn't I realize then, how important they were to me?"

Unfortunately, for many men, looking back upon their lives does not produce satisfying reflections. Questions such as, "What did I do with my life? Did I attend to what was really important?" are met with aggrieved answers. When asking, "What did I accomplish?" oftentimes we find our replies to be hollow. When you reach that stage of life when you are prone to evaluate the choices you made, I want your answer to be a much more satisfying one.

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