The Best Part of Being a Father

These dads would argue that every day is Father's Day when they get to spend time with their kids. Here are their favorite moments.

What Dads Love

A Kid Again

Dad holds baby in his arms facing him, smiling

I love that fatherhood has brought me back to all those simple pleasures I had long forgotten. I can now hold my own during a tea party and sing the words to hundreds of toddler tunes. I'm also proud to say the joys of playing hide-and-seek and follow the leader have finally returned to me as a 47-year-old man. -- Rick, Plainfield, New Hampshire

Funny Talk

The best part about being a father is receiving an unexpected call at work from my toddler. Even though I'm an hour away, I feel so close to my son while we talk. Sitting there, listening to him loudly blow raspberries and laughing into the phone always gives me a much-needed chuckle. -- Adam, Stow, Ohio

Family Time

Sometimes on Saturday mornings, my wife and I will place our toddler in bed between us and have some family cuddle time. I love it when our daughter crawls over to me, gives me a hug, and lays her little head on my shoulder. -- Jim, Taylorsville, Kentucky

Early Riser

I wake up to the sound of my daughter's voice on the baby monitor, at an hour way too early for me to ever consider rising on my own. I love entering her room and seeing the look of joy on her face as she smiles at me. I get such pleasure knowing she recognizes me as her father. -- James, Maspeth, New York

Learning Experiences

My favorite part of being a new father is watching my daughter grow and learn. I love being a witness to all her new lessons and discoveries. -- Scott, Crestview, Florida

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