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Hey Dads, Your Moods Impact Your Kids Big Time

New research links dads' stress levels and moods to kids' development in major ways.

Dad-to-Be Delivery Room Survival Guide

Be prepared when your partner goes into labor.

10 Ways To Be a Great Dad

Fearing how you'll do with this fatherhood thing? One dad gives advice on how to put your all into being a dad.

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Moody?

Expert advice for one husband who ponders when his pregnant wife's wild mood swings will disappear.

12 Reasons Fathers Might Not Want to Spend More Time with Their Children

Being a great dad doesn't come naturally to everyone.

7 Must-Reads for Dads-to-Be

Navigating pregnancy and the earliest weeks of fatherhood can be nerve-racking and confusing for even the most excited father-to-be. Here are a few books that can help make the journey a bit easier to manage.

7 Ways Life Changes When You Become a Dad

You're counting down the days until you become a dad--the moment your life changes forever. Here are seven changes you can expect as you embark into fatherhood.

Celebrity Tattoos: 16 Famous Parents with Ink Inspired by Their Kids

There are few things in life more everlasting than a parent's love for their childthat, and tattoos. Check out this list of celebrities who show their never-ending love for their kids in ink.

Sad Dads

We've all heard about mothers with postpartum depression -- but did you know that fathers can suffer from it too? Parents investigates an increasingly common condition, one very few men can bring themselves to discuss.

10 Signs You're a PTA Drop-Out

You're so grateful that the Parent Teacher Association makes everything run smoothly at your child's school--and you're even more thrilled they're obviously doing just fine without you. Here's 10 clear signs you might be a PTA drop-out.

Quiz: Should He Be a Stay-at-Home Dad?

Does your partner have what it takes to be a stay-at-home dad? Take our quiz to find out.

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Eight Ways Dad-to-Be Can Bond with Baby Now

Get acquainted with your little guy before he's born.

It'll Be OK: A New Dad's Powerful Hope for His Newborn Son--and Himself

A new dad reflects on his past mistakes and struggles as he hopes for a better and brighter future for his young son.

The Importance of a Father's Involvement

Kids need dad's love just as much as mom's.

Your Ultimate Dad-to-Be Cheat Sheet

Get the 101 on how to be a dad before the baby comes.

Dads Seeing Their Babies for the First Time

We asked, you answered--check out these adorable, aww-worthy reader-submitted images of fathers seeing their newborns for the very first time. So sweet!

Stay-at-Home Dad Survival Guide

A growing number of men have decided to be stay-at-home dads-- taking kids to school, picking up dry cleaning and much more. Read these tips on how to master being a SAHD.

This Mer-dad Is Every Father Who Just Wants to Make His Little Girl Happy

The Internet is loving this dad who dressed up as a mermaid with his daughter at Disneyland.

The Internet Is Loving the Way This Dad Recreated His Daughter's Photo Shoot

The hilarious pictures were intended to be a family joke, but they've been retweeted more than 4,000 times!

Why Fathers Should Spend Time with Their Kids

It can be tough to carve out the time. Do it anyway!

5 Things This Dad Wants to Teach His Daughter

Every father-daughter relationship is different and special, but what this dad aims to teach his own young daughter may resonate with you.

Parenting Twins: A Dad's Perspective

Ever wonder what it's like to be the dad of twins? This dad offers his perspective, as well as advice for all dads.

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