Clean Your Kid's Closet

These easy ideas can help you organize your child's wardrobe.

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Frances Janisch

Hello, Clean Closet!

Organizing your child's wardrobe doesn't have to be an all-day affair. Follow these simple steps to make over even the messiest closet in no time!

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Home Organization: Kid's Clothing Storage

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Frances Janisch

Organize Clothes

Kids can dress themselves when outfits are neatly placed in the Days of the Week Closet Organizer. $30;

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Hang Low

Create easy access to everyday clothes by installing a second rod that can simply be removed as your child grows.

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Frances Janisch

Maximize Space

Make use of the area above the lower bar by installing a 3-shelf organizer, then and add canvas shelf bins to keep clothes from falling out. Hanging organizers, $7; and shelf bins, $7 each;

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Frances Janisch

Tag Containers

Store off-season or infrequently worn garments in labeled bins on the top shelf. Tag Kit $20, Orange Bin Set $8 for 2; and Gingham Storage Bins $13 to $15 each;

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Frances Janisch

Sort the Wash

Make separating laundry simple by tucking this portable Hamper Tote in the bottom of the closet. $42;

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Frances Janisch

Group Garments

Closet dividers help keep items together by size, type or season. $12 for 5;

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Francis Janisch

Store More Shoes

Get your kid's kicks off the floor and into these plastic stackable baskets. $6 each;

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Francis Janisch

Expand Hangers

Grow-with-Me Hangers adjust to hold big and small kids' tops. $8 for 3;

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Frances Janisch

Access with Ease

A step stool, like Kidkraft's Step 'N Store, helps kids reach stuff off the top shelf. $30;

Originally published in the September 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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