Q&A with Project Runway's Laura Bennett

The Cheating Controversy

Parents.com: So you still stand behind your accusation that Jeffrey was cheating?
LB: Yes. I didn't do it out of malice. I honestly felt that he did not sew that collection on his own and if I didn't say something it would have eaten at me for the rest of my life. Your craftsmanship is like your signature and it didn't look like his signature to me. In the end they decided he was not wrong and he went on to win but karma is a bitch and if he did cheat it will catch up to him.

Parents.com: Were you surprised when people were angry at you for doing that?
LB: Jeffrey picked on people all season and suddenly I was the horrible bitch taking on a heroin addict. I was really surprised by people's reactions. But nothing in life can hurt you if you know what's in your own heart. I didn't do it on a whim to make good TV and I would do it all over the same way with no regrets.

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