Q&A with Project Runway's Laura Bennett

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Parents.com: Are you still in touch with any of the cast members?
LB: I talk to Uli a lot. She stays with me when she comes to New York. She was texting me during a recent episode.

Parents.com: Venture a guess who will win this season?
LB: I'm still trying to decide. There are some contestants who think that they are all that and I don't think they are that at all.

Parents.com: Like who?
LB: I think Christian with the wacky hair is way too young and too full of himself, and he's making a mistake by not taking Tim's advice. I think Victorya and Rami are looking pretty good to me at the moment.

Parents.com: A lot of reality show contestants complain about how the shows are edited to make them look one way or another. Do you feel you got a fair shot?
LB: I do think it was edited fairly and if a producer tries to tell you to act a certain way or start a fight or whatever you are supposed to report them to the other producers. They build characters but they never put things you say out of context.

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