Q&A with Project Runway's Laura Bennett

Dressing the Bump

Parents.com: Do you have celebrity clients now?
LB: Patricia Heaton has called me and I think she really related to my designs. I've designed things for Heidi (Klum). Julie Bowen called me to make her some fancy maternity dresses to wear to events.

Parents.com: Are you still planning on doing a line of maternity clothes?
LB: I have designed a maternity line but I haven't produced it yet because I haven't found a home for it yet. But I am ready to go! It's also focused on a bit more glamour.

Parents.com: What do you think about maternity dressing these days?
LB: It's changed from the days when Grace Kelly hid her pregnancy with a Kelly bag in front of her. I think if you feel good about your body you should wear more fitted things. I do think the bare belly thing is a bit much but if you like something fitted and you feel good -- wear it! When I get pregnant I explode and feel like my butt is getting bigger and bigger so I like those baby doll silhouettes. But these days I think anything goes.

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