Q&A with Project Runway's Laura Bennett

Her New Line

Parents.com: You are coming out with a line on QVC. What will it be like?
LB: My first show with them will be in February and the idea is that it's all about easy-to-wear glamour. Every woman can be more glamorous and it just takes a few minutes a day. It's nothing over the top, but things that make the every day a little more special. A sweater could have a slight sparkle through the thread or a blouse that has a corset detail sewn in so there's a bit of a lingerie touch.

Parents.com: Is it affordable?
LB: It's one of the more expensive lines on QVC, because I didn't want to sell junk. But blouses are about $60 and a satin trench coat is about $150 so it's not outrageous. The line is called Little Black Dress by Laura Bennett. The clothes are simple, chic, and always appropriate, just like your own little black dress.

Parents.com: And you've also become a spokesperson for Dress for Success. Can you explain what that charity does?
LB: It a charity for underprivileged women entering the work force to give them a wardrobe that's office-appropriate and boosts their self esteem. There's a dress I have designed for QVC where we will donate $10 from every sale.

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