Q&A with Project Runway's Laura Bennett

Life With Five Boys

Parents.com: Most people couldn't imagine managing five little boys in a New York City apartment.
LB: We have a large space by Manhattan standards and we go out of town to a house we have in the Berkshires on the weekends to let them run around. During the school week they are so busy it's fine to be in the city.

Parents.com: You are in amazing shape. How do you manage that after all these pregnancies?
LB: I'm a runner and like spinning. I used to preach that you had to make the time to exercise but it's been harder for me now that I am so busy. But I feel like if I can do it three times a week, it's enough for me to mentally feel good and that's what it's really about.

Parents.com: Ever have mommy guilt about working so much?
LB: As a parent I think that it's great for my kids to see that I am taking advantages of all these opportunities. They have a healthy, successful role model. I love the idea that more moms are starting businesses and doing things for themselves. Women are amazing. Men could never handle all of the things that women do. It never gets easier, but women keep doing it and take whatever comes. We need to do a good job as parents but also have to be responsible to ourselves and live our lives to their fullest potential.

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