Jewel Stars in Her Favorite Role Yet: Mom

Jewel is an accomplished, award-winning singer who has sold millions of albums. On stage in front of thousands of fans, the recording sensation is a natural. And when Jewel became a mom to a baby boy, Kase, in July 2011, she discovered she had a brand new hit on her hands.
Jewel with baby

Courtesy of Jewel Describe motherhood.
Jewel: It is amazing and a real learning experience.

How so?
You learn everything new. There's no practice or dress rehearsal. I'm really enjoying it and I can say this is the best thing I've ever done.

Did you rely or read on any books to help prepare for this job?
Right now I'm reading a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It has really explained how a baby's sleep cycle changes at different ages and when they reach different months of their first year. It has also taught me how to be more pro-active in helping me with his sleep.

Who taught you how to change a diaper?
My husband, Ty [Murray]. He changed quite a few diapers before becoming a dad and even did all of the diapers for the first month. I think it is his way of bonding with Kase, because I'm breastfeeding.

Did breastfeeding come easy for you?
It's a learned skill. You have to stick with it and have a strong support system because it can change day to day.

How would you describe Ty as a father?
He's really good and confident. I have no qualms leaving the baby with him.

Every mom has a bad day or a horrible mommy moment. What was yours?
I've had a few. The hardest, though, was I had an emergency C-section. Getting out of the hospital, feeling that exhausted and in so much pain on top of having a new baby that I didn't know what to do with, invoked sheer panic. I started asking, "Can I give it back?" "How does this work?" It was sheer terror.

Did your C-section have anything to do with the car accident you were in? [In March 2011 a volunteer firefighter's truck crashed into the passenger side of Jewel's car.]
No, it had nothing to do with that accident. As a matter of fact, I was fine after that happened, and so was the baby. None of us were hurt. I had the C-section because my son responded badly to a non-stress test a week after my due date.

You once said you're a workaholic. So what's your biggest obstacle as a working celebrity mom?
To be honest, I just cleared my calendar. About six months into my pregnancy, I quit working and traveling. I haven't booked tours or records. I want to take this opportunity to enjoy being a new mom. I want to be the kind of mom I always wanted to be.

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