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As the host of Entertainment Tonight and mom of a 4-year-old, Nancy O'Dell was the perfect pick to be Parents' new Hollywood correspondent. Each month, she'll interview our fave celeb parents, and this time, she snagged three: Johnny Depp, Nick Cannon, and Sylvester Stallone! Check out what they had to say.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon


The Up All Night costar shares stories about raising a set of 9-month-old twins with wife Mariah Carey.

What's the best thing about being a dad so far?
"Everything! You don't really think about all the time you're putting in. It's just the joy of seeing children who look like you and are excited to see you every second of the day. The best thing so far is the recognition: when you come into the room and they light up...or they hear your voice and they start looking all around for you."

And what do they do when you get home?
"Poop! [laughs] My son [Moroccan] loves when I read to him. It's the weirdest thing...I started reading baby books, and every time I finish, he starts to cry...so I read about 12 books a day."

How has fatherhood changed you?
"It's probably made me value my time even more. Before I was always so on the go. I'm still on the go, but now there are precious moments and you think, 'Aw, I just want to sit here in this one spot with them forever.' Your mind-set changes, and you just value time differently."

How is Mariah liking motherhood?
"Oh, she's loving it! She has such a nurturing spirit already, so to see her with her children is awesome. She loves singing to the kids...and being in the water with them. They're already just like her—mermaids all swimming around!"

What does she sing to them?
"Everything from her songs to Stevie Wonder to lullabies. Just a lot of singing going on."

What's the thing that you look most forward to as far as parenthood?
"So many things! With my son, obviously sports and hanging out. Two guys. Then my daughter...instilling the proper values, so it's just waiting for [her] to get a little older."

Except for dating and your daughter! As soon as we had our baby girl, my husband said I don't want her to date till she's at least 25!
"Yeah, shotguns. I'm getting them already."

What's the best piece of parenting advice that you've gotten?
"Speaking of dating, I got some advice from Howie Mandel. He said, 'Just don't potty train your daughter and [then] you don't have to worry about her dating at all!'"

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