CC Sabathia Hits One Out of the Park With His Children

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CC, what do you do with your kids during your off-season?
CC: We love to travel. We usually go away during Thanksgiving break and then Christmas break through New Year's. Amber and I are both from California so we tend to go back home for the holidays. We also have our annual Christmas Caravan with our "PitCCh In Foundation" (; we bring our two older children to four different events so they understand what charity and giving back are all about.

Do you play baseball with them?
CC: Lil' C is a huge baseball fan. He keeps me outside playing until the snow comes down, and then we move our baseball game into our indoor basketball court. I'm excited to play with Carter this off-season because he just began to walk. My daughters can swing a bat too.

What position do they practice the most?
CC: Lil' C wants to play every position, but pitcher is his favorite.

How are their pitching arms?
CC: Lil' C played travel baseball this year and he pitched every game.

What if, when your daughters start dating, they bring home a Red Sox fan?
CC: It would be great that he likes baseball, but he must be an Oakland Raiders football fan!

You were recently quoted as saying that you lost a lot of weight. What made you shed the pounds?
CC: My knee. I went through surgery this last off-season and I wanted to stay healthy and keep the pounds off.

I read that you cut Cap'n Crunch from your diet. Are you really a fan?
CC: Yes. My kids are too and that's why it's hard to keep it out of my pantry.

Amber, how did you help CC lose weight and teach your kids about cutting down on sweets?
CC: I had Carter last year and I gained 65 pounds from my pregnancy, so I had a lot of weight to lose. As a result, we decided to do it together. It's much easier to lose weight when you're doing it as a team. We had each other to motivate and help us stay focused. We even worked out together at the gym in our house until we began fighting over the iPod playlist [laughs].

CC, are the kids allowed to wear only #52 jerseys?
CC: That's all they have in their closets, along with a lot of custom pink Yankees gear with bling for the girls. My boys love the spray-painted Yankees gear

What is your number-one parenting tip for dads?
CC: Enjoy your kids; have patience and love them.

Amber, what is your number-one tip for moms, especially if they have husbands like yours who tend to be away for stretches of time?
Amber: Stay on schedule, no matter how intense the day gets. The traveling, the late nights, and having such a cool dad can be diversions, but you need structure, or else you can get overwhelmed. Kids love structure just as much as moms do!

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