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12 Celebrity Dads Who Had Children After 50

There may be no perfect age to become a parent (did any of us really feel ready?), but the National Center for Family and Marriage Research reports the average age a man becomes a dad is between 27 and 30. For some men, though--including these celebs--becoming a dad can happen at any age. In fact, some famous fathers have doubled the average, becoming dads past the age of 65. We have to hand it to them--keeping up with a toddler is hard enough in your 30s. We can't imagine it after retirement! Here are some older pops who had babies later in life...

8 Celeb Moms Who Have an Only Child

When you're in those overwhelming first weeks with your newborn, it's easy to think, "Whoa, I only want one of these." Though that feeling passes for some parents, others stay firmly in the one-and-done camp. Thinking about raising an only? Take some inspiration from these celeb parents who famously stopped at one child.

First Look: Celebrity Baby Reveals!

When it comes to their babies' photos, some celebs are just like us: They share on social media! And whether they wait just a few hours after the birth to debut baby's sweet face or hold out for weeks (or months!), we're always happy to see them. Check out the these adorable, aww-worthy first photos of celebrity offspring.

How Ryan Reynolds Got Out of Trouble With Blake Lively After Revealing Gender of Baby #2

This officially confirms Ryan Reynolds is the cutest husband on Earth.

Celeb Parents and Kids Who Rocked Family Costumes This Halloween

These star families got the memo that this Halloween was all about theme.

Amber Tamblyn Just Announced Her Pregnancy in a Seriously Powerful Way

The actress revealed her happy news along with a powerful message in an in-depth personal essay for Glamour.

Tori Spelling Expecting Fifth Child After Complicated Fourth Pregnancy

The star is expanding her family despite a scary pregnancy the last time around.

Marion Cotillard Is Pregnant & NOT the Reason Those Other Two People Are Getting Divorced

The actress announced her pregnancy on social media while responding to those pesky Brangelina rumors.

12 Celebrity Moms Who Overcame Postpartum Depression

Repeat after us: If you're struggling with postpartum depression, you're not alone. While many women feel the 'baby blues' after delivery, it's estimated that up to 25 percent will have some form of more serious postpartum depression, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It's a scary time for most moms, and celeb moms are no different. From actresses to musicians and TV hosts, read these brave stories of celebrities who have spoken out about their postpartum depression.

Sex During Pregnancy: 9 Celebs Reveal All

Angelina Jolie, Snooki, and other celeb moms reveal their cravings for, questions about, and weird experiences when it comes to pregnancy sex.

Kristen Bell: Why My Kids Get the Flu Shot

When it comes to keeping children safe, I take no chances.

13 Celebrity Moms Who Proudly Bare (Almost) All on Instagram

They've got it and aren't afraid to flaunt it! See the star moms who show some skin on Instagram.

Rosie Pope's Style Tips for Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy style guru, Rosie Pope, gives practical advice for looking great with baby on board.

Quiz: Which Celeb Dad Is Your Perfect Match?

Does your heart melt when you spot photos of celeb dads with their kids? Or when you hear famous fathers share funny stories about their families? If you answered "yes," our fun quiz will pair you with the cute dad you should be with (in another lifetime!).

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Alyssa Milano Is Winning at Motherhood This Week

We love the empowering ways Milano is celebrating motherhood lately.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Baby #2!

Who is James's little brother or sister? The world may have to wait to hear more about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' baby news.

Did Ashton Kutcher Just Give Away the Sex of His Second Baby With Mila Kunis?

Did the star dad mean to leak the gender of baby #2? Or was he just toying with our emotions?

15 Gorgeous Celebrity Baby Nurseries

Steal these stars' nursery decor ideas, fun themes, and kid-friendly concepts--from funky artwork to whimsical details to unique color combos--to welcome your little one and create a super cool crib.

They Do It, Too! 10 Celebrity Parents Talk Potty Training

From very costly mishaps to creative methods (M&M's as a reward, anyone?), find out what these star parents had to say about their potty training methods--and how keeping a sense of humor is key.

John Krasinski Has Some Awesome Date-Night Advice

Can we get a collective "awww" for how much this celeb dad loves his daughters...and his wife!

Jessie James Decker Talks Date Nights: "Babe, It's On Tonight!"

The country singer, wife of NFL star Eric, and mom of two-under-two shares the details of how she keeps her marriage hot.

Chris Pratt Is Taking Time Off for Family & The World Is Giving Him All the Awards

The actor said he'll take the next six months off to spend more time with his wife and son.

This Is Why Mila Kunis Wants Her Kids to Think They're Poor

"Mommy and Daddy have a bank account but you have nothing," Kunis said.

Bret Michaels on Diabetes and Parenting

Michaels, rocker and spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association talks to Parents.com about raising a daughter with borderline diabetes and diabetes awareness.