Celeb Q&A: Laurie Berkner

Q. You probably get recognized all the time. What's your favorite fan story?

A. I was walking past a parking garage, and I saw Matt Servitto from The Sopranos waiting for his car. I felt so excited to recognize him because the last episode had recently aired, I missed watching the show, and it felt like I had stepped back into that world for a moment. I was about to say something to him, but he turned away from me, not wanting to be bothered, I thought. So I just passed by him and felt a bit bummed not to have made the connection. Then as I turned the corner and walked up the next block, a car pulled up at the light right next to me and the driver leaned over and rolled down the window. It was Matt, and he yelled, "My kids love your music!" then he smiled, waved, and drove on. It was so fun to find out that there was a part of me in his life the same way that there was a part of him in mine.

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