Postpartum Secrets of Celebrity Moms

Star Strategy #4: Celebrity Moms Dress Casual, But Well

You may not have a stylist, but you can still look pulled together. "Clothes help make the woman," says Lisa Rinna, mother of two and host of Soap Talk on the Soap Network. "If you feel good in an outfit, you'll feel more confident, people will want to be around you, and you'll have a better time."

Treat yourself to a few new pieces of clothes. Get a stylish but easily managed haircut, and wear some makeup to bring emphasis back to your face. The best alternative to makeup is a glow courtesy of a bronzer or self-tanner. Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, looked as if she'd been in Barbados when she first appeared after giving birth to her son, Romeo. In truth, she hadn't left England.

As for acting calm and cool, do what you can to harness serenity. "You can't sweat the small stuff," says Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss. "I don't want to create that kind of nervous, stressful energy around my kid." None of us do. Experiment with candles, meditation, massage, a hot bath, a cup of tea, and anything else that will ease your troubled soul.

And if you learn anything from the stars, let it be this: Go easy on yourself. There's no Superwoman, only a lot of women doing the best they can. "Everyone recovers at a different rate, and that's okay," says Pinkett Smith. "Give yourself a break, be patient, and let your body guide your comeback."

Carrie Bell is an entertainment writer in Los Angeles.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, March 2004.

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