Celeb Post-Baby Weight Debate

Denise Richards

No mom would want to be photographed nude (or nearly so) right after giving birth. But Denise Richards did just that barely months after the arrival of both of her daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. After Sam's birth, she stripped off her maternity sweats for Playboy, telling the interviewer, "[This shoot] pushed me to get my ass in shape!" (We'll say.) Richards wore a little bit more (a bikini) for the cover of Shape less than a year after she had Lola.

How she did it: Trainer Garrett Warren coached her through kickboxing and ab-toning routines four to six days a week to blast off the 30 pounds she gained with each baby. Richards also indulged in another celeb luxury: the Zone Diet delivery service. But she also ended up following what she called "The Stress Diet": "I was going through a divorce, chasing around a 1-year-old, and filming a TV pilot," she told Shape. "There's no way I wasn't going to lose weight."

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