Celeb Post-Baby Weight Debate

Many celeb moms are back in their size 2 jeans just a few weeks after they give birth. Here's why you shouldn't be too envious.

Postpartum Pounds

Maybe Hollywood is a far more magical place than anyone thought. How else to explain the way celebrity moms seem to bounce back to their pre-baby weight overnight? Unfortunately, the intense pressure to look camera-ready just weeks after giving birth isn't an issue only for the stars -- the scrutiny has trickled down to us mere-mortal moms too. Even if you don't make your living off your looks, it's easy to get caught up in the new postpartum weight-loss obsession. But should any new mother subject herself to these extreme diet-and-exercise plans? (Never mind that virtually none of us get a Hollywood-size paycheck to afford the necessary trainer/personal chef/nutritionist trifecta.) How safe is it to lose multiple dress sizes in just a month or two? We took a look at what some stars did to lose their baby weight -- then asked an expert for a reality check.

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