Nancy O'Dell: Celeb Kids on Their Moms


Jewel and son Case

The singer opens up her Simply Said Baby book to share details about her 10-month-old son, Kase.

Here are the things that always seem to calm you:
"Swaddling and a hair dryer"

These are my favorite things you attempt to say:
"You were determined since 4 weeks old to learn to make a motorboat sound with your mouth. You tried and tried and tried until one day you finally got it. You were so proud. You would 'BRRRRRRR' when we got you out of your crib, when you were hungry, when you were cranky and tired, as we swaddled you, and you would 'BRRRRR' between cries

My beautiful child, you would not be you without these things that make you, you:
"The quiet way you think before you grab things. Your tenacity as you tackle tasks: You don't get frustrated, you get determined! The thoughtful way you watch everything -- you don't miss at trick. Your laughter is perfection!"

What songs are the soundtrack to your story?
"You love to listen to me play guitar as I make up silly songs about a baby who rides into the desert on a Shih Tzu named George (our family dog), and how your tiny baby spurs jingle jangle as wild animals help you on your journey."

Here are some things that consistently crack you up:
"I made up a song: 'Little baby otter feet oughtta eat his otter feet.' And then I stuff your little toes in your mouth and you crack up every time! You like rough play too -- anything very bouncy. I put you on my knee and pretend you are riding, and then suddenly, I make bullet sounds like you are in a Western movie, and I move you quickly to the left and right and 'dodge' the bullets. Sometimes, I have you dodge the bullets in slow motion, ? la The Matrix. It's silly but you love it, and it makes me laugh too."

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