Nancy O'Dell: Celeb Kids on Their Moms

Tori Spelling

Tory Spelling and Family


The oldest of three, Liam, age 5, reveals some fun stuff about the Beverly Hills 90210 grad and current reality-TV star.

What does your mommy do while you are at school?
"Goes to work and sometimes plays with jewelry"

What makes your mommy laugh?

What is Mommy's favorite TV show?
"Kardashians. But I only like it a little. Not a lot. Sometimes, they are scary."

My mom says the most important rule is?...
"Be careful!

My favorite thing to do with my mommy is?...
"Play tag!"

If your mom were an animal, what kind would she be?
"Mommy, you'd be a fish 'cause you are fast. You get everything done fast. But you can't be an animal 'cause you're a human!"

What food does Mom make best?
"Calamari. It's the best 'cause you make it just for me."

My mommy is as pretty as?...
"My mommy is as pretty as a flower."

Nobody is better than my mommy at?...
"Giving me soft tickles"

I love my mommy because?...
"She's pretty."

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