Only One of You

Use poetry to promote tolerance and to celebrate differences.

New mother Jessica Schulder-Orbach wrote this poem to help parents and children celebrate individuality and promote tolerance. Share this poem with your child and ask him to draw a picture based on her special message. Use the drawing as a springboard for a conversation on prejudice.

Only One of You

Each of us is different
No one is the same
We all have different faces
Different bodies, different names

Some of us have straight hair
Some of us have curls
Some of us are boys
And some of us are girls

Some of us are tall
Reaching to the sky
While others are quite small
And need help to grab up high

Some of us have blue eyes
And others green or brown
Some can balance on our hands
While standing upside down

Some people like to dance
While others like to sing
And some love to climb trees
So from the branches they can swing

People are like snowflakes
Each one is unique
There are even different moods
For each of the days of the week

All of us are different
It's what makes the world go round
Different smells, different tastes
Different sights and different sounds

No one is the same
That we know is true
And since each of us is special
There is only one of you

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