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Give Your Children the Gift of History

"We always tried to give our kids a sense of where they were in the world -- in family history, geography, and time," says Adam Werbach's father, Mel. Spend family time with older relatives and other women and men who've lived with courage and integrity. Too often, children learn in school about a handful of social leaders who seem unrealistically heroic. Remind your child that even Martin Luther King had his doubts, for example, and describe how ordinary people -- including you and other grown-ups and kids they know -- have changed the world. You can explain that these people realized that they didn't have to know everything or wait for the perfect situation before taking action. Instead, they learned as they went along, persisted despite setbacks, and trusted that their efforts would eventually ripple outward. Their stories can help your kids realize that they, too, can lead lives worthy of their convictions.

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