Everyday Ways to Teach Values


Common problems for kids:

  • Your child makes fun of people who are different.
  • He makes discriminatory remarks.

How to help:

  • He may repeat words or jokes without understanding that they are hurtful. Explain why discriminatory comments are wrong, and refuse to allow them.
  • Provide opportunities for him to meet people of different ages, races, cultures, and religions.
  • Expose her to literature, toys, music, and games that represent a wide range of cultural groups.
  • Answer questions about differences simply and honestly ("Miguel talks differently than we do because he speaks Spanish and is just learning English").

Activities to try:

  • Look at pictures of people of different races; point out the few differences and the many similarities.
  • Ask her what kinds of things an intolerant person would say and how that might make others feel.
  • Ask him to be on the lookout for generalized negative statements about groups of people that start with "They're all," "They never," or "They always."

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