Everyday Ways to Teach Values

Common Respect

Common problems for kids:

  • She talks back to adults.
  • He teases or bullies peers.
  • She takes things without asking.
  • He has trouble taking turns.

How to help:

  • Teach good manners so he knows specifically how to be a proper host, introduce himself, answer the phone, and be a good teammate.
  • Target a specific rude behavior (rolling her eyes, telling you to "chill out"), and point it out every time. Don't continue talking until it stops.
  • Help him find words to tell you he's frustrated ("It really bothers me when you don't let me finish my game").
  • Teach her how to disagree respectfully ("I guess we just don't see things the same way").

Activities to try:

  • Create a secret signal to let her know when she's being disrespectful.
  • Create a family Bill of Rights, including ways to treat people.
  • Ask for examples of how he can show respect to an elderly person, a younger person, or a guest.

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