Everyday Ways to Teach Values


Common problems for kids:

  • She doesn't understand how her misbehavior affects others.
  • He may cheat to win a game.
  • She has a hard time admitting mistakes or accepting blame.

How to help:

  • Point out the impact of her behavior on others ("Because you didn't admit you broke Sarah's tape recorder, her mother thought she did it and punished her").
  • Require reparations ("You can't take back what you did, but what can you do now to help Sarah?").
  • Praise your child when he admits a mistake or apologizes.

Activities to try:

  • Role-play so your child can imagine himself in the victim's place ("Pretend you're the bus driver and you have to clean up the bus after school. How do you feel when you find gum on the seats?").
  • Ask him what types of things people with a conscience do, such as keep a promise or give back extra change.
  • Discuss moral issues that arise as you read or watch TV together.

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