What's Your Parenting Personality?

Parenting Personality, p.2

1. Permissive

Morticia and Gomez Addams

The Addamses repeatedly took the side of their children when problems arose. When Wednesday returned from her first day of school and threw a fit because all the witches, giants, and ogres were killed in Grimm's Fairy Tales, her father threatened to keep her home until the book was banned.

Runners-Up: Lily and Herman Munster

High Ratings: Parent and child become friends. The child sees that she is a special part of the family and that her opinion counts.

Low Ratings: Sometimes being a friend is a liability. Without fear of punishment, the child may become disrespectful, spoiled, and demanding. And that makes kids selfish as friends. Constant reasoning may confuse younger kids, who respond better to rules.

Finale: Surprisingly, kids get screwed up from this style. Because they're self-centered, they tend to get into trouble at school, where rules aren't negotiable and other kids are equally important.

Is this your style?

  • Does your child refuse to follow your orders?
  • Is negotiation a regular part of your interaction with your child?
  • Do you beg your child to comply with you?
  • Do you feel that your child takes advantage of you?
  • Do you and your child ever wear matching outfits?

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