Funniest Quotes About Parents: Pin These for a Laugh

Thanks for all of the LOLs and Likes! We are still cracking up over your comments on these images. Here are the most popular humorous images we posted on Facebook -- and your favorite comments about them!

  • Yawn... We think tonight the kids should tuck us in!

    "And very seriously let me know that she hasn't had her daily quota of kisses...oh the guilt!" -- Kim I.

    "Need more kisses from Nana and Grandpa. Want to talk to Uncle Joe, need to see Molly, have to tell you something special, etc." -- Linda B.

    "LMAO tonight it was mom let's talk tell me about your life LMAO. Told him I'm 25 with a child that drives me crazy LOL." -- Kristie D.

  • Has your home ever felt a bit "mixed up" because of your kids?

    "How true!" -- Kimberly A.

    "Cleaning while they are in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo." -- Shannon B.

    "So true!!!" -- Joanna C.

  • If we had a dollar for every time our kids called us weird...

  • I did pour milk (not an energy drink) in her sippy cup. So where is all of this stamina coming from?

    "So true!! I never thought that I would have a 9:00 bedtime. LOL!? -- Angela H.

    "And grandparents!" -- Annette Y.

    "So true. I can remember times that I would lay down with my kids or grand kids to help them take a nap & I would fall asleep before they would." -- Jackie V.

  • Some things just aren't meant to stay clean, right?

    "There is reason why I have a dark green carpet and tan couch...other than being out dated...we spill EVERYTHING LOL." -- Kiley K.

    "More like test our sanity!" -- Portia S.

    "Ouch! My parents don't have such breakables, never have! And if we ever knocked over a lamp, it wasn't breakable either so it was, 'oops;' & pick it up!" -- RaulBriana Q.

  • Let's face it: the task was probably something for the kids anyway!

    "I soo feel like this right now I'm running in circles." -- Marianne W.

    "Poop is what 6yro said...LOL." -- Dana L.

    "To sing Gangham Style. My daughters version." -- Hina S.

  • On second thought, maybe they aren't THAT dirty.

    "LOL, that red block is where my son is tonight." -- Tiffany B.

    "They need a bath when they start stinking ;-))" -- Simone G.

    "With 3 small children, I am doing good to get myself a shower every day. Some days, there are more important things on the schedule than bath time." -- Dawn H.

  • Seems like perfect reasoning to us!

    "Oh I have changed one today. In fact I try to do it every day. Love it" -- Sandy B.

    "When our boys have poop my fiancé wraps a shirt around his face and acts like he is going to war or something." -- Jessica K.

    "Haha! I was lucky my husband knew how to do it when our first child was born, coz I didn't!" -- Jayra B.

  • On the most hectic days, this included mom and dad!

    "Including mommy ;)" -- Jennifer H.

    "Yup I woke up too a pee puddle in the bathroom floor this morning none of it landed in the toilet LOL." -- Susana C.

    "Who needs a potty when the grass is nearest?" -- Martha M.

  • So many theories, so little time.

    "No theory just make the best out of firm, yet loving, smile, laugh and dance! My goal is to raise a thoughtful, responsible, independant young man...with manners, cooking skills, an education and love + respect!" -- Kristine D.

    "I wish I had a dollar for every time I said "I will NOT be letting my child do that/______ (fill in the blank). I had to go back and say sorry to a few of my friends, that had children a few years before me. Even though they had no idea why. Yes... I judged them. It was not until I was a parent that I could understand the realities of being a parent." -- Darla V.

  • Mother Eff'ed
    Mother Eff'ed
  • Cleaning up after chores is sometimes even more of a chore!

    "But the smiles of thinking how much fun she had is worth it all!" -- Sharon S.

    "My 3 yo loves to help me with the silverware drawer." -- Francine M.

    "But you have to let them do it!!! It's worth the mess to see the satisfaction of their job well done!" -- Samantha M.

  • We are parents -- we don't even get to sleep in our beds!

    "That's how I feel everyday! Too funny!" -- Lorretta M.

    "Add juggling a newborn who's trying to latch on to nurse and trying to find the cellphone amid the large pile of unfolded laundry on the bed. and the picture is slightly more accurate!" -- Beth R.

  • "Monopoloozing" makes game night move way faster.'s our little secret.

    "Doing it right now, in a game of UNO." -- Ruby B.

    "My mom always intentionally lost or strategically won straight away so she wouldn't have to play longer than 5-10 min. Not because I'm a sore loser." -- Erika R.

    "Not only this, but I've lost a game just so it would end." -- Amanda S.

  • We love our kids, but sure do miss our slumber glory days!

    "Certainly remember those days. I could go for just one of those nights again." -- Tori B.

    "OMG yes!!!! 12 hrs straight! I remember those days, vaguely in the back recesses of my memory LOL." -- Holly F.

    "Not sure why people think babies sleep!" -- Hala A.

  • Our new motto: Color outside the lines and play inside the box!

    "Can remember when my son did this and all you could see was his little head sticking out of the top of the box." -- Nancy S.

    "My daughter was like only 8 months and she thought it was so much fun when Dada pushed her around the house. She was laughing really hard. It was so cute." -- Mary M.

    "Mine is like that now loves boxes, she is at such a fun age!" -- Leslie C.

  • You have our permission to "chapturn" at storytime tonight.

    "Hahahaha, I used to do that, but my son knows how to read now so not anymore." -- Claudia E.

    "And he goes: Hey Mum, the story is not like this!! Ah, yes - sorry I lost a piece of it... OOPS!" -- Christina V.

    "LOL, I thought I was the only one that did this only on those nights that I'm super tired or when I have read the same book many times." -- Danae M.

  • You can't scare us! Parents are fearless.

    "It's scarier when your toddler is a ninja and silent and way too big and fearless." -- Amanda S.

    "More like things that go "waaaaa" in the night!" -- Randi B.

    "Speaking of which I have a four year old that refuses to go to bed as we speak." -- Sarrah C.

  • like to think we're calling the shots, anyway!

    "Having 3 or more makes you crazy I have 2 and I can't remember anything now can't imagine having a third to keep track of appointments and games and all." -- Cheryl S.

    "So true I have triplets and I'm a referee 24/7 hehehe." -- Josie C.

    "Having three makes you ready to start your own hockey team! Let's do it!!! Hahahaha." -- Chrisie R.

  • It would feel like heaven to sleep straight through the night!

    "I haven't slept in about 4 years! (I have a 4 year old and an 8 month old)" -- Carin S.

    "This goes with birth!!! Something you just cannot believe will happen to you." -- Marilyn C.

    "Now, I wake up to a pin drop almost & used to sleep so deep! It's crazy when you have a child how that changes you!" -- Traci H.

  • Toddlers should come with their own cleanup crew.

    "I need a cleanup crew and then 3 babysitters. 1 to keep him from making messes, 1 to keep him safe, and 1 to keep everyone else safe. LOL." -- Sara M.

    "I always call them my 'demolition derby'LOL or 'baby Godzillas'." -- Audrey C.

    "My 2 year old found the open baby powder...the one year old decided smooshed blueberries were better than whole ones. yes. yes, i need a cleanup crew stat!" -- Meagan N.

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