5 Easy Ways To Go Green

4. Eat Better

organic radishes

Kevin Miyazaki

A well-balanced diet used to mean not spilling my coffee. I have since come to understand that the food I feed my family is critical to emotional and physical well-being. Still, the choices can be overwhelming. Organic? Local? Gluten-sugar-fat-dairy-taste-free? After some dizzying deliberations, I decided to improve one thing at a time versus tackling our entire diet.

We spent one morning at a local farmers' market, where the kids chose a variety of fresh fruits, then headed home to compare apples and oranges (literally). I blindfolded the kids and set out a bowl with sliced fruit and a bowl of the single-serve fruit gummy snacks they love so much. After a taste test, the in-season fruit won hands down with my food critics and we began packing fresh fruit to have on the go.

The next week, my "Market Masters" set out to find new fruits and veggies and begged to play the same taste-test game.

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