5 Easy Ways To Go Green

1. Pre-cyle

While most of us know the value of recycling and participate in a curbside program, my family also embraces pre-cycling; meaning we actually consider the container before we buy it. My children love to point out overpackaged products, like plastic-wrapped cheese sticks and individual baggies of carrot sticks. I mean, have we really lost the ability to break down a big bag of carrots and then fill a smaller, reusable container that fits inside a lunch box? By limiting what comes into the house, we have limited what we have to put out on the curb.

Pre-cycling also made us aware of how much "stuff" we were mindlessly bringing into our home. I decided to make a concentrated to reuse what we already have on hand. We morphed things like cardboard egg cartons into 12 individual spiders, two long caterpillars, a craft organizer, and a seashell display case. Using what we have on hand has helped our pockets and the planet.

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