Kids & Recycling: They Can Help!

It's easy to have your family "go green" -- start with the recycling.

Make Recycling Routine

Boy with recycling

We all want to recycle. But when you're super busy, sometimes that extra step just doesn't happen. Ditch the guilt, and turn recycling into a fun family project. Not only will your child develop an important habit, but if you talk about why you're separating all those bottles and cans (and what happens to that trash if you don't) chances are he'll start to keep you in check! Teach him the basics, and then put him in charge of items that aren't breakable, like paper and plastic bottles. Take care of glass yourself. Make sure you label the bins you use to separate items so it's really easy for your child to remember what goes where. For younger kids, put photos on the containers to make it clear. Older kids can take the recycling out to the curb -- and if your town doesn't have a pickup program, bring your child with you to the recycling center. Once your new routine's in full swing, you'll save time -- and help save the earth too!

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