Keep Your Home Environmentally Safe

Rid your home of substances that can harm your child.

Cleaning Products

Keeping your home free of environmental dangers isn't just beneficial to the earth -- it's beneficial to your children as well. Cleaning products, antifreeze, pesticides, mold, and asbestos can lead to serious health problems in a child. Check out these helpful hints in protecting your children from these dangerous elements.

  • Store your cleaning products in closed -- preferably locked -- cabinets.
  • When using household cleaning products, make sure to have adequate ventilation, and don't let your child enter the area until fumes have cleared.
  • Dispose of empty containers through your local hazardous waste disposal center. Don't let them sit in the garbage pail where kids can reach them.
  • Keep cleaning products away from areas where food is prepared.
  • Keep antifreeze locked up, out of a child's reach, and in its original container. Don't leave puddles of antifreeze in your garage or on your driveway.

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