Cleanup Time: Kids Can Help with Green Cleaning

Kids can help with simple cleaning tasks -- especially when you use easy-to-make natural green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning as a Family

Cleaning the house isn't exactly something that most busy parents look forward to. Blowing off family time to wipe, scrub, and dust just isn't fun. A good solution is to have your child help with simple tasks. If the fact that many products aren't kid-friendly is holding you back, try green cleaners: You'll be surprised at how well some of the new eco-friendly options work. And the best part? They generally don't contain harsh chemicals. The trick to getting a younger kid psyched about housework is to introduce one simple chore at a time -- any more and he'll get overwhelmed. Your child can try wiping off kitchen counters or dusting the things he can reach. Older kids can wash dishes (or load and empty the dishwasher), clean the floor with a wet-pad mop, or take out garbage. Your child will learn how to pitch in as a member of the family, and your chores will be done before you know it.

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