Six Great Ways to Go Green

Green Your Shopping and Cooking

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Joe Polillio

When buying and preparing food and disposing of food waste, we make environmental choices virtually every step of the way, Gordon says. And because these tasks are so repetitive, children have ample opportunity to internalize "how Mom and Dad do it." For better or worse, Gordon adds, parents' habits will shape the choices kids make. Little explaining is needed: If Dad rinses out the tuna can and sorts it for recycling, that action simply becomes part of the drill. Other green food habits:

  • Bring reusable plastic bags to the grocery store -- both little ones for bagging produce and big ones for toting home the haul. Keep a cloth tote bag in the car for quick trips to the store.
  • When the seasons permit, shop at farmers' markets and farm stands, chatting with the vendors about their food, so kids gain an understanding of where our food comes from. Visit at least one pick-your-own berry or apple farm.
  • Eat locally, buying in-season produce in abundance, then "put food by," just like your grandmother might have done, Gordon suggests.

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