Green Parenting

How can your family go green? Find out how to teach your kids to be a good recyclers, what green habits you can teach now, and our green product picks. Plus: How to make your home an eco-happy place to raise your family.

How to Keep Your Family Safe from Toxic Chemicals

BPA?... Phthalates... You know they can be dangerous for your family, but you may not know all the ways they enter your body, or -- most important -- how you can limit your exposure. Parents investigates.

28 Ways Your Family Can Protect the Earth

Too stressed to save the environment? Check out these easy ways to go green.

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting

It can be hard knowing what green lifestyle choices will be the most beneficial to your baby. We've talked to the green parenting guru Alan Greene, M.D. and author of Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green, who shares the most important tips to get started.

5 Easy Ways To Go Green

Saving the earth isn't always second nature. But there are simple things you can do to have an eco-friendly family--without losing your cool.

The ABCs of Being Green

Living green isn't just some cool trend. Moms care about the health of the planet because it affects their children's health and future--and their own bottom line. To be the greenest mom on the block, check out these earth-friendly ABCs (and XYZ's; xeriscaping, anyone?).

Kids & Recycling: They Can Help!

It's easy to have your family "go green" -- start with the recycling.

How To Find a Green Daycare

How do you know if your child's daycare is not just eco-friendly, but safe from mold, pesticides, and more? Get the lowdown on how to find a green daycare for your growing baby.

Why I Think About Climate Change Differently as a Mom

Having children makes you more than a parent. It also makes you an ancestor. These days, I think about how climate change will impact my children's children, and how I can be a better ancestor for them.

Cleanup Time: Kids Can Help with Green Cleaning

Kids can help with simple cleaning tasks -- especially when you use easy-to-make natural green cleaning products.

Six Great Ways to Go Green

Instill eco-friendly habits in your child, on Earth Day and year round.

Clear the Air

It's much more polluted than you may realize, and the potential impact on kids' risk of asthma, cancer, and even autism is startling. Take steps now to protect your family's health.

Childhood, Reimagined: Not Your Normal Upbringing

Meet four families who dared to be different. Each one took the plunge into uncharted territory, leaving behind friends, relatives, and security -- all in order to follow their dreams.