New Parent and Attachment Anxiety

Breaking the cycle

Overdoing AP is easy," says API's Parker, "because people are led to it as a result of their own unmet needs. It can be a healing thing, but parents can take it too far." The pitfalls come when a parent finds it hard to tolerate a child's striving for independence or feels that small separations -- such as going to sleep alone or spending time with a babysitter -- are dangerous.

Audra Tsanos, a Brooklyn music teacher, told me about her journey of trying to live up to a perfect AP standard. "I was being asked to sacrifice my whole self to be this flawless mother figure, but it didn't leave much room for being a woman or a wife," she said. "Then I met all these great moms whose kids were happy, and they had had cesareans by appointment or nursed for just a month, and I realized what really matters is that you love your kids."

For me, being a good parent is becoming less about trying to get it all right and more about assuming I'll get some of it wrong as I strive to do my best. I try to remember that mistakes can be repaired and tactics changed as we go along. I pay more attention to the feeling between me and my son and not as much to the voice in my head that says I need to do something specific to make us close. I guess, finally, that I really am following my instincts.

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