What We Want in a President

It's time for both parties to listen up, as moms outline the issues they care about most.
Luncheon attendees

Julie Skarratt

Politicians and pundits may call 2012 the year of the woman, but it's really the year of the mom. Mothers aren't settling for catchy bumper stickers or vague promises in this presidential election. How do we know? With the help of an all-star moderator, Soledad O'Brien, anchor of CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien, Parents recently hosted a luncheon roundtable with 21 moms from across the political spectrum. We admit we were a little nervous when we saw a Barack Obama supporter sitting between a Mitt Romney backer and a Ron Paul fan, a social conservative next to a gay mom, and an environmentalist hoping the government will do more across from a pregnant mom of four who wants it to do less.

We heard dramatically different opinions about solutions, but there was a remarkable consensus about the problems facing families right now. Together, the women helped us hammer out a bipartisan mandate for the candidate who wins in November:

The Parents Platform

Our moms have spoken: These are the five issues they care most about?and expect the candidates to address before Election Day.

  1. Moms Want a president who can fix our broken educational system.
  2. Moms Want a president who can protect families from environmental hazards.
  3. Moms Want a president who can help hardworking families out of their financial rut.
  4. Moms Want a president who finds smart ways to make government more efficient and less polarized.
  5. Moms Want a president who will minimize the role of government in their personal life, financial life, or both.

In this first of our three-part election series on moms' top priorities, we focus on two charged topics: education and the environment.

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