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3 Things to Say If Your Kid Bites Another Kid

All you can really do is make sure the child is okay, apologize to both the mother and her kid, and then leave, says Kevin Osborn, coauthor of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bringing Up Baby. If you know the other parent well and can joke around, you might try saying:

  • "We've been trying to get him to stop hitting. I guess it's working...sort of."
  • "Well, at least she's had all her shots."
  • "I'm so sorry. He's teething.?

Then you have to talk to your child seriously about the "no-biting rule." If he's old enough, a time-out is also in order. If you appear to take the situation too lightly, you and your child can end up with a bad rep.

What to Do If You Catch the Kids Playing Doctor

"The best way to handle this one is to take a deep breath and not make a big deal out of it," says Kogan. In a calm voice (no hysterics, please) say, "We don't take our clothes off when we're playing with friends." Then help the kids get dressed and find something else for them to do. Later, have a brief conversation with your child about what is and is not appropriate. Teach the kids that they must always keep their privates (bathing-suit areas) covered. Tell the parents of any other children involved, and plan to keep an eye on the kids a little more closely during future playdates. "Don't panic," says Kogan. This is very normal behavior, especially for kids around 4 to 6. "It's important to remember that for the most part, kids don't have an adult understanding of sex and that they're just exploring."

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