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All About Surviving the Playground

Make Friends at the Playground
Draw on your old dating experience by breaking the ice with a compliment, suggests Marisa Thalberg, founder and president of Executivemoms.com. Try, "That's the cutest diaper bag I've ever seen!" Or ask a question -- "Where did you get that great stroller?" "It's really not so different from meeting a guy in a bar, like you used to do before marriage," adds Thalberg. Then start talking about common ground. Ask about her children -- you'll have plenty to discuss. Make sure you get her number so you can meet up for coffee or a playdate.

3 Unwritten Rules of the Playground

  1. If your kid is being bullied in the sandbox, refused a turn on the seesaw, or pushed down the slide, it's quite all right to tell someone else's child (in a nice way, of course) to knock it off. It's not okay to yell at him, give him a time-out, or take away his toys.
  2. Just because there are lots of other moms at the playground watching their kids, it doesn't let you off the hook from paying attention to yours. If your child is stuck in the monkey bars 10 feet off the ground, put down your BlackBerry and untangle him.
  3. Yes, we know there's nothing sexier than a man at the playground pushing his kids on the swing. But in most cases that's someone else's husband, so back off.

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