Two Under Two

The Good Stuff

Despite all of the hectic situations you'll encounter, there's still lots to cheer about when you've got two under 2.

They may be extra-close.

Siblings who are closer in age often have more in common, which can bring them together from the start. "Patrick and Ryan share a room and look out for each other. If Ryan has a nightmare and comes into our room, Patrick will show up later in the night, saying 'I miss Ry-Ry' and bring him back to their room. In the morning I'll find them cuddled up together," says Cara Gately.

Tough stuff is over faster.

It can be a relief to get the challenging baby and toddler years done in one fell swoop. Just ask Amy Holovaty, of Spring, Texas, who had her first two children 16 months apart -- and a third 18 months later. "Now that my kids are 5, 3, and 2, I'm almost done with diapers. That's better than having it go on for nine years straight!"

The children share a schedule.

Having kids closely spaced often offers logistical benefits. Notes Jennifer Bingham Hull: "They're more likely to share activities and spend more time at the same schools, which makes for easier planning -- and less driving."

Originally published in the October 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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