Two Under Two

You're Mad at Dad

"Both my husband and I had a full-time job, yet arranging child care, food shopping, and planning dinners still fell to me!" --Cara Gately; Darien, Connecticut

How to deal: Even if your husband is trying his best, there will be days that you think your marriage is imploding. "Suddenly, there's more to do and less time to do it in. And in many a mom's eye, the father could always be more involved," says Sank. So talk with your partner about how you're feeling and come up with ways to make things better. It worked for Winkler: "I can't food-shop with both kids, so my night-owl husband goes at 11 p.m."

Also seek out other moms with young kids. "Female friendships are key. You can have 'aha' moments like, 'Gee, your husband's driving you nuts too?'" says Dr. Berman. "Laughing about it makes a huge difference."

Finally, remember to make time for just you and your husband. "I know it's a clich?, but having a date night really does help us reconnect," says Canning. "Even though it's expensive to pay a sitter, it's worth it to be able to just relax and focus on each other for a few hours."

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