Two Under Two

Dealing with one kid in diapers is tough enough, but add in an infant and it can be complete chaos. Learn what it's like -- and get smart advice from moms who've been there.
Andrea, Anna, and Charlotte Canning

Heather Weston

I'll never forget how my 22-month-old reacted when we brought her brother Tommy home from the hospital. I wasn't even supposed to hold her, because I was still recovering from a C-section, but Katie looked so in need of a hug that I scooped her up and held her tight. Then I took her to look at the baby. The next thing I felt was pain -- she'd bitten me on the shoulder.

At that moment it became clear: Navigating life with two kids under age 2 was going to be tricky. That's not to say it isn't amazing too -- there's nothing more heartwarming than seeing your toddler fall in love with the baby and, though she's still in diapers herself, take on the role of big sister and protector.

But when you're trying to avert a massive tantrum while calming a colicky newborn who won't let you put him down, what you really need is practical advice for getting through it. That's where these real-life, real-mom solutions come in.

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